Tips for Buying a Bungalow


Thinking about buying a bungalow? We will reveal the top things to look out for when making your purchase.

A bungalow is a single storey house, popular in countries that have a lot of space for property development, such as South Africa and Australia. In busy UK cities such as London it is more common to see terraced housing and apartments, however, bungalows are a popular option in more rural areas of England where space is less tight. There are some strong advantages to bungalow living, and the homes are currently in high-demand. Read on to learn everything you need to know before you buy a bungalow…


One of the main reasons people opt for bungalows is the ease in which you can get around them. The lack of stairs removes the challenge of having to get up and down to different rooms, which can be quite taxing for older residents or those with limited mobility.

Open-Plan Design

Many bungalows feature an open-plan design which can create the illusion of more space. Although bungalows are commonly regarded as quite traditional, open-plan spaces are perfect for modern interior design and can be adapted to more minimalist decor if that is your taste.


Bungalows are currently in very high demand on the property market, so there is a good chance of re-sale if you buy a bungalow. If you decide to sell your bungalow, you may also look into loft conversions or extensions to offer more space.


Unlike terraced houses and apartments, bungalows are usually detached or semi-detached so offer extra privacy and reduced noise from neighbours. It is also common that a bungalow will come with a garden, allowing you to grow shrubs or hedges for added privacy.

Before buying a bungalow

If you are considering buying a bungalow, keep the following in mind:

Are you planning to extend? Ensure that you will be able to obtain the necessary planning permission beforehand.

Are you considering a loft conversion? If so, you will lose storage space, so keep that in mind when deciding how much storage space you need.

Are you looking for a large plot of land? Bungalows often come with large plots of land and if you have not found the right house yet, it might make sense to buy a bungalow and consider extensive renovations.

Do you enjoy open plan living? Bungalows are ideal for modern open planning living, which allows you to work with light to give the illusion of more space?

Do you need an accessible environment? Bungalows will be easier to convert into a wheelchair-friendly environment than a terrace house, for example.

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